Flaming Ice #27

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A minimum of 8 players is needed - 

Otherwise a round robin tournament will be set up

Stages : 
Battlefield | Smashville | Town & City | Lylat | Final Destination (Ω stages allowed) | 
Dreamland (Counterpick)    
(Battlefield and Dreamland are coupled)

Coinflip (.coin) or dice (.roll) to determine who bans first - 

Banning process : 1-2-1, after 1st match, winner of prevous match just ban 1 stagea

Player can pick Smashville without ban if common agreement with opponent

Winner of previous game bans one stage, loser picks stage - they can switch character 


Format : best of 3 
Losers finals, winner finals, grand finals : best of 5

Grand finals : if player from loser bracket wins first set, bracket is reset


優勝: Dusk
準優勝: Axel175
3位: Cruzloops


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